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Current Projects 2012

It has been a very busy and exciting year for Building in the Past. Besides starting back into ceramics and planning more buildings than I’ve made in the last four years, I have also started web and facebook pages to share my work. One of my goals when I started this adventure was to recreate […]

Preservation through Art

I create replicas of historic Western American building facades in approximately half scale. I concentrate on mid to late Nineteenth century buildings, because this was a time of so much activity in the West. I try to present the buildings as they may have appeared a century ago in a weathered and abandoned state, brought […]

Meet the Maker

Self taught ceramic and wood artist Paul Charron has been creating facade replicas of historic Western American architecture since 2003, inspired by his love of the west and the history of it’s settlement. These are not doll house or model railroad pieces, but Paul’s view of the intrinsic value held in a building’s existence. Although […]