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Hearst Church, Pinos Altos New Mexico- 2012

I was first inspired by the Hearst church while Reading Lambert Florin’s 1969 book “ Historic Western churches” I could imagine that a place named Pinos Altos would certainly be the kind of place I would want to be living back in 1898 or even now. Even with the lush forest resources, builders of the […]

Saint Rose Catholic Church 2002

  French Gulch, California  1899. This was my first piece, inspired by my visit to this lovely setting in Northern California’s Trinity Mountains. I have always loved simple wooden churches. The symmetry and weathered yet pristine whiteness of this building spoke to me through the arched doors and windows pointing to the heavens. Perhaps I […]

Church of the Sacred Heart 2004

Church of the Sacred Heart, Cataldo Mission, Idaho.  1853 Besides being the oldest standing building in Idaho, Sacred Heart Mission is also one of the most unique historic churches in the West. In 1850 Father Antonio Ravalli, an Italian born Jesuit, began designing the Greek revival style church. From detailed plans, he used local resources, […]