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Self taught ceramic and wood artist Paul Charron has been creating facade replicas of historic Western American architecture since 2003, inspired by his love of the west and the history of it’s settlement. These are not doll house or model railroad pieces, but Paul’s view of the intrinsic value held in a building’s existence.

Although painting and photography can capture the beauty of a building and it’s environment, Paul feels that only three dimensional representation through fine detail can produce true realism. Through his patience and perseverance, Paul strives to attain the most detail he can with his mediums. His three building facade from Virginia City Nevada for example, has nearly 1000 hours of work involved.

Although currently spending most of his spare time creating in his studio, he intends on gradually shifting his entire concentration to documenting the West’s historic structures through his art. He is looking forward to sharing his passion and unwavering dedication to his chosen theme at history and art museums and western art galleries throughout the west.

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  1. Greg Zirbel says:

    Finishing up my replica of the Dechambeau Hotel and I.O.O.F. Building I was trying to find what year they were built and ran across you. Love your work. I now live in Truckee where I grew up and building replicas of historical landmarks using historical lumber. We should definitely talk. Take care.

    • Paul says:

      Wow Greg, glad you found me. I would love to see your work. Facebook is where I do most of my promotion, this web page is mostly just here as a reference. I have an artists page ” building in the Past” where I post a lot more info. Please post some of your work there or send me some images on gmail, I would love to see it.

  2. Dana Bennett says:

    Your FB page is fascinating! My news feed is much more interesting now with the fabulous photos you’re posting. Thank you so much for taking the time and making that effort.

    On occasion, I post photos of Nevada’s historical buildings on my blog ( and on a FB page I administer for Friends of Midas, a small historic preservation group in northern Nevada. I’ve noticed that you are very good at giving credit where it’s due, so I welcome you to use any of the photos that I post. Some of the photos in the album “Midas in B&W” might particularly appeal to you.

    Thanks again for such a terrific FB page, and I look forward to seeing your art in person one of these days. Bring it to Nevada!!

    All best,

    • Paul says:

      Thanks for your interest Dana, I love Nevada! I will check out your blog and Fb page. Hopefully the show will make it to Nevada soon.

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